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Tantra Festival Rishikesh

11 - 17 March 2020
Come & meet people from across the globe and celebrate tantra and practice.

  • Price: We have price listing on various basis


Accommodation Food and Meditation include 40,000/-

Accommodation Plus Food:

Ac Rooms on Double Sharing basis - 22,000 INR (about €279)

  • Venue: Neer Water Resort
  • Includes: Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch, Dinner, Tantra Activities & Practices, Music & Dance Concerts
  • Village: Neer Water Resort, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India
  • Time Schedule:

    Course TANTRA FOR WOMEN ( can be done in 3-7 days)
  • This training is a lot about the discovery of the ability to enjoy and trusting natural flow of sexual energy in the body, the ability to celebrate and love your body and yourself, filled with ecstasy of life and its blessings. We will explore qulieties of true femininity - energy of Shakti, going from sexuality to higher levels of love, power of creativity, and intuition. We will use meditations and others methods to open up energy in a chakras. Opening the feminine energy of Tantra is directly connected to the creative energy of abundance, which can be expressed in material goods, the ability to give birth to a child, to inspire man, and to achieve spiritual heights, opening intuition and clear vision.
  • QUANTUM HEALING, individual sessions
  • An effective method of healing for physical, emotional and relationships problems, stress, to bring clarity and finding the right solutions in different areas of life/ It can be deeply relaxing and helps energize. It is a powerful energy work using channel of healing. During the session, you can receive messages and responses in a variety of sensations in the body, the images (pictures), inner understanding, memories can come, pointing to a particular situation that requires healing. Often, only one session to see the problem from a completely different, higher perspective, to understand the cause and find a way out or a solution to this situation. The basis of this method is based on the laws of cosmic energy healing.
Is the Tantra Festival for men and women?

Yes! Tantra Festival in Rishikesh heartily welcomes both men and women to become a part of this beautiful festival.

Can I attend the festival if I’m new to Tantra?

Of course! Even it is a good opportunity for you to explore tantra for the first time at our festival.

What necessary items should I need to bring with me?

Comfy clothes, Water bottles, a pen or paper and most importantly an open heart and mind is all you need to come with.

Are accommodation and food included in the festival?

Yes! We provide accommodation and food in our Tantra Festival. So, no need to worry about it.

Does person of every age group can attend the festival?

No! This festival is for people of age 18 and over.