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What is Tantra ?

The word tantra is derived from a Sanskrit word, tan which means, to weave or to expand. Tantra Yoga simply defined as many yoga practices and spiritual styles and teaching weave together. It is also labelled as Yoga of Jubilance. Continuous & Consistence practice of it will surely help you in a variety of ways, that is,

  • It helps you in knowing who you are?
  • It enhances physical and spiritual growth too.
  • It will help you in cognizing the purpose of life.
  • Tantra practice also helps in achieving your goals.
  • Also, it deepens your relationship with your partner.
  • By the regular practice of it, you get in touch with your own energy.

Briefly saying, Tantra Yoga is a key to happy & healthy life

Postures in Tantra Yoga

Tantra Yoga practice includes Vinyasa practice. This ancient practice is a combination of various asana, mantra, bandha, mudra and chakra. Some of the tantric yoga postures are;

1. Boat Pose: This pose or asana will strengthen or stretch your abdominals. Also, it helps you to connect when done with your partner. While facing each other, sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent and legs put out in front of you. Lift your legs and make soles of your feet touch with your partner's feet. For better result, repeat this again & again.

2. Yab Yum: This tantra yoga posture helps you to enter in a state beyond normal consciousness, that is, a state of unity consciousness. In this posture, one person sits cross-legged and another person sits on their partner's thighs keeping back as straight as possible. Also, both the partners allow their foreheads to touch and breath slowly & deeply. This asana can be done either with closed eyes or gazing at each other.

3. Hand-On-Heart: A yoga posture that helps in physical healing of the heart, Hand-On-Heart. In this simple yoga posture, you just have to sit cross-legged facing your partner and then you both have to place your right hand on each other heart followed by placing your left hand over your partner's right hand. This yoga asana brings your breath into harmony.