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Get ready for the biggest festival, Tantra Festival which we are organizing in the birthplace of Tantra, that is, India. A land with thousands of deities, celebrating Tantra in such a place is really going to become an outstanding experience.  We have professional & veteran Tantra Teacher.

  • We make sure that you get the most out of the festival.
  • We create a guided experience deeper into Tantra.
  • We maintain safe and healthy environment during festival
  • Participation application are screened carefully to maintain harmony ,friendly environment

Teachers at International Tantra Festival in India


Swami Bodhi Uttam

Tantra Kundalini Teacher

Swami Bodhi Uttam is a co-leader of ShivaShakti Meeting and has experienced in the field of Meditation and Yoga for more than 20 years. He has given workshops for the last 15 years in Japan, India, Europe, China, and Korea and opened to give courses all over the world. He was born in a Brahmin family (strictly vegetarian and fuss over details about purification) he got all the materials and atmosphere needed for spiritual growth. He says two things extremely helped him in life that he didn't go to school till the age of 7, allowing him to be like a wild animal in the village. And he had spent his most of time in Shiva temple in his 7 to 21 years old and met all kinds of saints and sadhus. At the age of 14, he read BHAGWAT GEETA and decided to experience meditation, and sharing this with the world is the goal of his life.
Life without meditation is meaningless.

His commitment has brought him to travel all around India like a dying thirsty man, roaming in HIMALAYA going to many masters and ashrams, meeting Zen masters of Japan. Finally, he got quenched by mystic OSHO. He wanted just a glass of water, and OSHO gave him Whole Ocean. He has been living in the last 15 years in Pune near the OSHO energy field. He has received a university degree in science, and a master's degree in journalism. Studied at Bihar school of Yoga and Advanced therapeutic Kriya yoga at Kaivalyadhama School. He also studied Zen Counseling, Zen tarot, and many courses such as OSHO meditative therapies and others in OSHO multiversity in Pune. 


Prem Nidhi

Tantra Teacher, Mars Venus Coach, Humaniversity AUM leader

Prem Nidhi embarked on her spiritual journey as a scholar. She holds a Ph.D. degree from Delhi University in Osho’s vision of education for the new man. Soon she realized that what Osho expounded cannot be restricted to a thesis. She became a sanyasin and totally soaked herself into experiencing every aspect of the Osho phenomenon till it started flowing through her.
She is an international AUM leader from Humaniversity, Netherlands, a trained Mars-Venus coach as well as aTantra teacher.
Leaving behind her secure career of mathematics teaching, she is now passionate about helping people through various techniques of active Osho meditations, Humaniversity therapy and Vigyan Bhairav Tantra.
She has conducted numerous seminars and conferences on Osho’s vision. She has been facilitating many workshops all over India on subjects like emotional wellness, dance therapy, No Mind therapy, conscious parenting, couple meditation, chakra awareness and life skills. Since several years, her offered courses at Osho Nisarga, Dharamshala, Zorba the Buddha and Oshodham, Delhi are much loved and appreciated.


Dhyan Samya

Certified tantra teacher,yoga therapist and a body-mind healer

Samya maa is a certified Tantra teacher from tantra-essence. She is also a yoga therapist and a body-mind healer. She has been learning and practicing tantra under various teachers, mainly Maa. Anand Sarita for the last 8 years. She has been assisting and co-teaching in many international festivals and retreats and also runs her own retreats in India. She has immersed herself in self-practices for many years, through various transformative healing paths, under many teachers, and is now very passionate about spreading the joy of all the gifts she received from life and her guides.


Prem Neerav ( Sanjay )

Sound healer & meditation teacher

Prem Neerav is a renowned sound healer and therapist. He is enriched with the practice of Osho meditation. His Tibetan bowl healing techniques are experimental and scientific. He is also the founder of the Tantra Festival and conducts various Tantra camps and workshops. In his free time, he conducts sound healing workshops in India and overseas. Tantra festival Rishikesh and Khajuraho are successfully organized under his mentorship.


Maa Leela Deva

Tantra energy and quantum healing teacher

Maa Leela works in different countries. Currently the main focus of her work associated with Tantra Energy and Quantum Healing. She works on allowance and acceptance of the natural flow of sexual energy in the body, for the source of joy, rejuvenation, freshness, healing. Her mantra meditation techniques attractiveness, sensitivity, intuition, ability to love and feel, moving from the roots of sexuality to the space of the Heart and the highest picks of meditation


Swami Ganga

Tantra Teacher

Swami Ganga met Osho in the 1960 s and subsequently, became his guide. during Osho's many visits to Khajuraho. By luck, chance or destiny, while still a teenager, Swami Ganga found himself in the hands of one of the greatest Tantra Masters ever born. Osho proceeded to offer Ganga a powerful transmission on the nature of Khajuraho, including its original intent, it's esoteric history and also about each aspect of the symbolism of these magnificent temples.


Maa Atmo Toshan

Tantra Teacher

Maa Atmo Toshan is a co-leader of ShivaShakti Meeting that offers Tantra workshops in Japan and India.
ShivaShakti is the ancient wisdom of Tantra. It is the path of love. She is researching and practicing ShivaShakti for modern men, re-establishing the relationship between female and male energy. This is the path of authentic Tantra using sexual energy to transform into divine based on the vision of OSHO.
She offers Tantra workshops, Osho Meditative therapy, meditation retreats in India and sessions for couples and singles. Her passion is to share her experiences in meditation where her heart feels at home.
She was born in Tokyo, Japan. Her inquiry of life began early when her best girlfriend asked her the question “what is love?” That was at the age of 7. Growing up in an upper-middle-class family having a restrictive education background especially around sexuality, always with a big question mark on her head about life, she tried hard to be good in every possible way to fit in the society but all in vain. She lived in the US for a few years, but in spite of success in her career she came to a point where she had nothing inside but a feeling that life is hollow and meaningless.
At that time she heard from a co-worker about OSHO. In 2002 she joined an OSHO Tantra group in Japan without knowing anything about meditation. There she experienced bliss beyond words. It didn’t take long for her to take Sannyas, quit her job, and fly to India. There she experienced a deep feeling of coming home after a long journey in the darkness. While being on an intensive search of the Tantric path for more than 15 years, having pilgrimages to hidden tantric temples in India, she has learned and practiced many meditations & therapies such as Osho Meditative Therapies, Osho Art Therapy, Family Constellation therapy, “Who Is In?”, crystal healing, Clean Language Counseling Reiki, Numerology, Human Design, Tarot Reading, breath, dance, and bodywork. She has organized Tantra groups and training over 8 years as well as facilitating Tantra courses and has contributed to spread Tantra in Japan.
A part of the year she is living in Pune, India close to the Osho International Meditation Resort. She is traveling regularly between Japan and Europe to share meditation mainly through Tantra with seekers on the path.    


Sandra Pijl

Tantra Teacher

Sandra Pijl has completely centered her life around loving, for her and for "the world". For over 16 years from now, she is constantly in the path of Lovingness. Through her journey of different types of (training and teaching) work and entrepreneurial pursuits, different types of love relationships, through education and training, through being in full contact with life or quite the opposite, being withdrawn from it, she discovered that the lack of lovingness is the prime source of suffering. She believes that the classes or training she took helps her to learn more about Lovingness and Tantra.
She believes that people who become True Lovers not only change their own world but also the world around them. She completely committed to support men and women and help them to become more true lovers. According to her, Our entire system is geared towards affection. We hunger for it.
An important part of lovingness is the male and female energy inside all of is, the masculine and feminine. This, to a large degree, holds the key towards becoming more powerful and vulnerable, to being more open, to loving more deeply, to experience more attraction, to be more lively and more intimate and these things are our nourishment. When we are in a place of True Loving, magical things happen for ourselves and for the world.
Sandra bundled many rich experiences as a careful girl and as a wizened lady. Tantra, according to Sandra, is a joy, peace or aliveness. Teaching tantra to students make her feel honored and this what makes her happy. She has been in that place of resignation and frustration. She knows how ‘comfortably numb’ it can be when you don’t feel as deeply as you deep down know you can do. This is what makes her up to be more fully alive. She went completely into it. Lovingness opens all kinds of portals to who we are and can be. She has experienced that a relationship always starts with yourself. She enjoyed her work in and for organizations or yoga schools. Tantra brings more beauty! She fathomed the depth of the polarity between the masculine and the feminine. The unbearable sweetness of life in its truthfulness.
Choosing Tantra was her decision as she wanted to fully experience herself. She wanted to shiver with excitement.


Leela (Germany)

Tantra Teacher

She give herself permission to talk about sex & intimacy as though it is really important as though it is truly a way to discover your divine being as though it is a starting point to enlightnment as though it is the most sacred way to honor life and existence as though it should be part of your daily meditation
She give herself permission to speak to you from my heart & through my hands as though touch would be the most natural way to express my being as though touch would be the most natural way to communicate as though touch would be the most natural way to heal your body and soul


Maya Swati Devi

Tantra Teacher

Italian Teacher of Traditional Kaula and Sakta Tantrism and Tantric yoga, Yogini and founder of DEVI TANTRA YOGA, the first italian school of traditional Tantrism and Tantric yoga in Milan (IT) recognized by YOGA ALLIANCE in 2007.
Author of the book “The tantric dancer”, published in italian by MIR 2016 and releasing soon in english.
Maya was born in Vinci, Leonardo's da Vinci birthplace, near Florence,TUSCANY, Italy, on the 20th of October 1972 , under the star sign of Libra and number 2, MOON in Vedic astrology.
Since her childhood she always been attracted to mystical and spiritual path, trasmitted by her grand mother with spanish and nomadic origin. At the age of 14 she read the Bhagavad Gita, and this book opened the doors for the most mystical journey in her life: INDIA.

The Baul Tantric Mystics

The Bauls are the Indian Sufis, mystical musicians from Bengal. They sing from the heart and pour out their feelings and emotions in their songs. Their music reflects bonds of the heart, subtly revealing the mystery of life, the laws of nature and the ultimate union with the divine. A Baul is a mystic nomad dealing with human relations, emotions and spontaneously expressing their spiritual ideology through music & dance. The music of the Bauls, Baul Sangeet, is a particular type of folk music. Its lyrics carry influences of the Hindu bhakti movements and the songs of Kabir. Their music represents a long heritage of preaching mysticism through songs in Bengali. Their lyrics intertwine a deep sense of mysticism, a longing for oneness with the divine. They seek the divinity in human beings. Metaphysical topics are dwelt upon in a humble fashion and in simple words. To them we are all a gift of divine power and the body is a temple, music being the path to connect to that power.


Madhu Sudan

The great Indian mystic Osho Says A Baul is a flowering. A Baul is a flowing energy. The Baul is not a seeker, the Baul is one who has found. The Baul is a SIDDHA: one who has looked into life and realized that all is available and there is no need to seek. One has just to participate in this mystery called life. He dances, he sings, he enjoys, he is blissful for no reason at all.

About the instruments:

The Bauls use ancient shamanic instruments that tune the human body to the universal cosmic frequency. The most common instrument used is the ektara, a one-stringed “plucked drum” drone instrument, carved from the epicarp of a gourd, and made of bamboo and goatskin. Others include the dotara, a long-necked fretless lute (while the name literally means “two stringed” it usually has four metal strings) made of the wood of a jackfruit or neem tree. Drums like the duggi, a small hand-held earthen drum, and and khol; small cymbals called khartal and manjira, and the bamboo flute are also used. Ghungur and nupur are anklets with bells that ring while the person wearing them dances. They also play the “ananda -lahori” which literally translated means “waves of ecstacy”.

About their songs:

The songs of the Bauls highlight the essence of Tantra in many ways. They will have a dialogue with the six psychic centers in the subtle body to the primal memories of the soul wandering in the mother’s womb. Their songs dance with the dormant state of cosmic energy or Kundalini energy in the body. They also transmit the essence of the immortality of the soul through poetry.