What does Tantra mean?


What does Tantra mean?

Tantra- the term itself is meaningless without the word ‘Sutra’, which you may have heard about. The word Tantra came into existence at a time when religions like Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism were dominant in the Asian continent. The core aspect of these religions was the ‘Sutra’- the collection of compact principles. Perhaps, one of the most famous collections of sutras to this day is “Kama sutra”. Here the word sutra represents a thread of particular thinking or thought.

Now, what you need to comprehend here is if sutra is a thread, then Tantra is the whole system of these threads or thoughts. The exact meaning of the word tantra is “weaving” or “loom”. Quite different from other practices, Tantra is holistic teaching that can be transmitted directly from a teacher to a student.


Yoga and Mysticism.

Sexualism or spiritualism what is Tantra yoga?

Mentioning Tantra yoga, what comes to mind? Well, no wonder if you had guessed something related to nudity or sexuality.

Tantra isn't about unbridled sexuality, as understood by many. Tantra is derived from 2 Sanskrit words; “TANOT” meaning is expand and “TRAYATE” meaning liberate. It is an ancient meditative path to achieve:

  • Ecstasy
  • Intimacy
  • Spirituality
  • Enlightenment
  • Healing

Tantra yoga works on supreme energies that reside inside the body of an individual, enhancing spiritual and physical growth.  Its ideology signifies that all the energies or shakti known to mankind are experienced in the person itself.

The logical importance of the word Tantra has changed over the long haul when utilized in various yogic writings.

Initially, Tantra was utilized to signify "weave or loom," and later was utilized to characterize “techniques or other various methods”.


Tantric yoga weaves together many yogic forms and includes various techniques like:

  • Chanting
  • Mantra meditation
  • Mudras
  • Pranayama
  • Yoga poses (asanas)
  • Visualization

These techniques help to build and cultivates the kundalini energy.
Once the energy is unlocked there is a flow of nadis and chakra which ultimately leads to enlightenment and spiritualism.

Colors of Tantra

There are various ways the tantra is practiced, according to which tantra comes in various colors.

White tantra

It is the highest tantra. It is mostly oriented in spiritual growth by practicing rituals. It is the fastest way to enhance spiritual growth which leads to spiritual awakening and enlightenment

1. Key elements
  • It is the path of the right hand.
  • It is an individual practice.
  • White tantra liberates the soul, purifies the mind and body.


2.Red tantra

Red tantra uses to create an intimate and deep bond with partners. It focuses more on sensuality and ecstatic experience.

Key elements
  • It's the path of the left hand.
  • It is a duo practice.
  • Awakening of sexual energy which aimed at the sexual union.
  • Red tantra is also known for tantric sex.


3. Pink tantra

It is the blending of white and red tantra. Pink tantra focuses on growing love and consciousness, that leads to the cultivation of love without attachment and expectation.

Key elements
  • It's is the path of both the hands
  • It is an individual as well as duo practice
  • Leads to awakening of love, lust, and energy of life.
  • It requires love and awareness.


4. Black tantra

It can be compared with dark energies or so-called black magic. It mostly spins around certain magical powers(siddhis) and manipulation. Black tantara is more of an ego-based practice. However, it is less understood as it is done in secrecy.

Things you should know about Tantra yoga and postures.

There is absolutely no doubt that tantra yoga includes sexual practices and can enhance sexual energies.

However, it is not just about "sex". Tantra is one of the spiritual styles of kundalini yoga to connect with divine and inner self-consciousness. Tantra yoga has the potential to do wonders in life when practiced and can give certain experiences like

  • Clarity and wisdom
  • Clearing difficult emotions
  • Empowerment
  • Awakening of sushmana (spinal energy or chakra channels, clearing path for kundalini to rise)
  • Opening Ajna chakra (third eye)

Tantra yoga postures

A significant element in Tantric yoga is shakti which symbolizes "power". Union of divine male power (shiva) with a divine female (shakti) manifests the energy of life form.

Tantra yoga deepens the connection with partners and one can become a part of the greater universe.

Here are some various tantra postures that are practiced.

1.Seated twist (flow as one)

  • Face one another in a comfortable seating position.
  • Synchronize breath with your partner.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Taking your right arm behind the back and extending your left arm out in front of your chest.
  • The partner should do the same.
  • Extend your left arm forward from your chest and grab the partner’s right hand.
  • Pulling each other’s hand creates twisting of the body.
  • Twist each other as far you and your partners are comfortable.

2. Boat pose

  • It engages lower back and abdominal muscles.
  • It is another tantric posture you can practice with your partner.
  • Sit comfortably facing your partner.
  • Place your sole against your partner by slightly bending your knees.
  • Hold each other’s hands.
  • Push your feet against your partner and slowly raise your legs straight up. hi hello

3. Hands on heart

  • It is a very sensual exercise to make a deeper bond with your partner.
  • Sit in a cross-legged position facing your partner.
  • Place your right hand on your partner’s heart (heart chakra) and partner doing the same.
  • With your left hand hold your partner’s hand which is placed on your heart.
  • Feel the heat beat of your partner and tune in.

4. Yub yum (divine union)

  • It symbolizes divine union with your partner.
  • One partner (the larger one) sits with a crossed leg position.
  • Other partner sit on the partner’s thighs wrapping legs around partners waist.
  • Allow foreheads to touch with your partner’s forehead.
  • Breathe deeply and heavily and tune in.

Benefits of tantra yoga

Awakening of spirituality
  • Tantra yoga balances all the chakras in the body.
  • Allows connecting with inner self.
  • Brings out mental peace and empowerment.

Improve sexual energy

  • Tantra increases intimacy.
  • Increases pleasure and sensual effect in the body.
  • Develops passion and brings out deepest desires.

Health and wellbeing

  • Cure aches and pain.
  • Tantra yoga boosts immunity and releases toxins from the body.
  • Fights depression, anxiety and stress.


  • Tantra yoga increases flexibility.
  • Improves muscle movement.
  • Tantra yoga cleans out lymphatic system and increases blood flow.
  • Releases spinal pain.

Deepens the bond with partner

  • Soul to soul connection with your partner.
  • Great method to keep the passion alive.
  • Builds trust and confidence.
  • Unlocks the best version in ourselves.

Mental clarity

  • Removes negative energy.
  • Removes mental blockages from the subconscious mind.
  • Increases focus and concentration.

Goal of Tantra

Tantra is a spiritual practice performed in various Asian and European cultures. Its implication is far beyond mere "sex" which surpasses classical Kamasutra. Tantra yoga emphasis on spiritual and personal growth to meet the supreme power of the divine. Tantric practices unlock the divine energy i.e. kundalini present at the base of the spine.

Based on different philosophies there are various methods by which tantras are practiced such as left hand, right hand, red tantra, Buddhist tantra, etc. People practice tantra yoga to achieve ultimate happiness and immense pleasure. Tantra is not any form of religion but a powerful ideology to attain "power" and "spiritual awakening".